2015年1月29日現在、ここにあるような個別で適用したりするのでは無く、Oracle Linux 4に切り替えてしまう、というのが楽でいいでしょう。
詳細は「RHEL4/CentOS4をOracle Linux4に!」で紹介しています。



同じRHELベースのOracle Enterprise Linuxのサイトで「Lifetime Support Policy: Coverage for Oracle Linux and Oracle VM」を見てみると2013年2月までサポートが続いているようだ。
そこで、Oracle Enterprise Linux 4.0のソースRPMディレクトリを見ると、2012年3月以降の日付のものがちらほら・・・



# wget https://oss.oracle.com/el4/SRPMS-updates/bind-9.2.4-38.0.2.el4.src.rpm
# wget https://oss.oracle.com/el4/SRPMS-updates/glibc-2.3.4-2.57.el4.1.src.rpm
# wget https://oss.oracle.com/el4/SRPMS-updates/openssl-0.9.7a-
# wget https://oss.oracle.com/el4/SRPMS-updates/tzdata-2012i-2.0.1.el4.src.rpm

ダウンロードして、「rpmbuild –rebuild ファイル名」でRPMパッケージ作成し、インストール・・・っと。




* Mon Nov 26 2012 Keshav Sharma <~@oracle.com> - 2012i-2.0.1.el4
- Backported fixes from 2012i-2 version of Oracle Linux 5
- Preserve hardlinks that zic leaves behind, install with cp -d (Petr Machata -~@redhat.com)
- Upstream 2012i
  - Cuba switched to DST
- Switch back to using system zic, ignore upstream Makefile at all. (Petr Machata - ~@redhat.com)
- Drop Factory from distribution (Petr Machata - ~@redhat.com)
- Upstream 2012h
  - Brazilian state Bahia no longer has DST.
  - Brazilian state Tocantins now has DST.
  - Israel has new DST rules next year.
  - Jordan stays on DST this winter.
- Upstream 2012g
  - Adjust the packaging for new Makefile
  - Palestine: Fall transition was Sep 21, not Sep 28
  - Samoa: Daylight Saving Time commences on Sunday 30th September
    2012 and ends on Sunday 7th of April 2013.
- Upstream 2012f
  - Fiji will start daylight savings at 2 am on Sunday 21st October 2012
    and end at 3 am on Sunday 20th January 2013.  Guess it will be like
    that in following years as well.
- Upstream 2012e
  - Tokelau is in time zone UTC+13, not UTC+14 (and always was)
- Upstream 2012d
  - Morocco will not observe DST during the month of Ramadan.
    DST cessation end date was corrected.
  - Drop tzdata-2012c-morocco.patch

* Thu Jul 19 2012 Keshav Sharma <~@oracle.com> - 2012c-1.0.2.el4
- Backported fixes from 2012c-3 version of Oracle Linux 5
   -- Morocco will not observe DST during the month of Ramadan

* Thu May 23 2012 Keshav Sharma <~@oracle.com> - 2012c-1.0.1.el4
- Backported fixes from 2012c-1 version of Oracle Linux 5
   - Haiti observes DST from 2012 on
   - Gaza Strip and Hebron observe DST in 2012
   - Change start of DST in Syria to last Friday in March

* Fri Mar 16 2012 Petr Machata <~@redhat.com> - 2012b-3.el4
- Morocco moved DST entry to last Sunday of April
- Resolves: #802542

追記2 2013/07/22