ASUS Eee Note EA800のEvernote連携機能は死にました

ASUS Eee Note EA800で描いたものを、Wifi経由でEvernoteにアップロードする機能があります。





Evernote TECHBLOG:「Third party authentication – transition to OAuth complete!」より

To improve the security of apps built on our API, we set a goal back in April of this year to work with our development partners to transition apps using username and password authentication to OAuth by November 1st. Thank you to all the developers who have updated their apps and helped us to reach this milestone – we made it!

As of November 1st, the “client” API keys (those that authenticate via username and password) have been disabled. The Evernote service now requires all applications to authenticate using OAuth. Third party access to the UserStore.authenticate function has been removed.

These changes were made to safeguard our users’ data and help them feel comfortable giving third party apps access to their Evernote account.

The transition has been a long process and involved many, many emails to developers. Thanks again.


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