DELL PowerEdge R420/ESXi環境でiDRACのアップデートを行う

ESXi7.0がインストールされているDELL PowerEdge R420のiDRACが更新されていないことに気がついたのでアップデートを試みた

[root@esxi70:/vmfs/volumes/5ec1e973-8ca56b7a-bafa-90b11c536183/.locker/tmp] ./Network_Firmware_7CM1N_LN_21.60.16.BIN -c
Invalid option: --packagepath=/scratch/tmp/Network_Firmware_7CM1N_LN_21.60.16.BIN
Try -h or --help for help.


[root@esxi70:/vmfs/volumes/5ec1e973-8ca56b7a-bafa-90b11c536183/.locker/tmp] ./Network_Firmware_7CM1N_LN_21.60.16.BIN -h
Command-line options for the Update Package

Usage: <package name> [options...]


-h,--help     : Display command-line usage help
-c            : Determine if the update can be applied to the system (1)
-f            : Force a downgrade to an older version. (1)(2)
-q            : Execute the update package silently without user intervention
-n            : Execute the update package without security verification
-r            : Reboot if necessary after the update (2)
-v,--version  : Display version information
--list        : Display contents of package (3)
--installpath=<path>    : Install the update package in the specified path only if options (2) and (8)  are supported.

--extract <path> : Extract files to specified path (3)(4)
-qi, --queryinventory   : Inventory if selective update is supported. (2) (5)
-su=<device list> or --selectiveupdate=<device list>    :  give the list of devices to update.(2) (6) (7)
--bmcpath=<value>       : Chooses Inventory/Update path (value specified will be : ipmi - use KCS path or usbnic - use OS-BMC passthrough)

(1) Can NOT use -f with the -c option
(2) Only takes effect if used with -q
(3) Can be used only before extracting the package
(4) Can NOT use --extract with any other option
(5) Can use only with -q option. Can NOT be used with -f, -c, -h, -n, -r, -v, --list, --extract, -su
(6) Can NOT be used with -c, -h, -n, -v, --list, --extract, -qi
(7) Device list should not contain any space.
(8) Only Application DUP supports.


[root@esxi70:/vmfs/volumes/5ec1e973-8ca56b7a-bafa-90b11c536183/.locker/tmp] ./iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_0GHF4_LN_2.65.65.65_A00.BIN --extract
Successfully extracted to ./idrac
[root@esxi70:/vmfs/volumes/5ec1e973-8ca56b7a-bafa-90b11c536183/.locker/tmp] cd idrac/
[root@esxi70:/vmfs/volumes/5ec1e973-8ca56b7a-bafa-90b11c536183/.locker/tmp/idrac] ls
00-secupd-dell.rules               package.xml
98-secupdusb.rules               package.xml.sign
HashOfHashFileList.txt          payload
LinuxDepWrapperLinux.bin          prereqcheck       smbiosHelp.txt              duppmdatacollector.bin    spUtilityHelp.txt
PIEInfo.txt                     spconfig.xml                en.prop                   sphelp.txt
Version.txt               getSystemId     
bmccfg.def                hapi                      sputility.bin
bmcfwu.cfg                lxhapi.ini                svmExeMsg.xsl
bmcfwul                   mc.txt                    uni-eol.txt                  os_mapping.xml


[root@esxi70:/vmfs/volumes/5ec1e973-8ca56b7a-bafa-90b11c536183/.locker/tmp/idrac] sh line 53: rpm: not found line 53: rpm: not found line 53: rpm: not found line 53: rpm: not found line 53: rpm: not found line 64: rpm: not found



というわけでおとなしくiDRACのWeb UIからファームウェアアップデート

iDRAC-with-Lifecycle-Controller_Firmware_0GHF4_LN_2.65.65.65_A00.BIN を7zipで開いてpayload/firmimg.d7 を読み込ませるとアップデートできます。


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