ronzi A3カスタムロム ver 20110609

ronzi A3のfirmware build RK43_60WRT_RZA3_20110504_1 ベースにカスタマイズしたものを作成しました。

Warning: wifi MAC address will be changed. All data lost! Also, /mnt/sdcard data lost, too!

* remove chinese apk
* update market apk and etc.
* add Launcer Pro
* add some apk from crue tablet
* wpa_supplicant supported ad-hoc network, then connect to barnacle Wifi Tether.
* support /system/etc/init.d/ files, modify /init.rc
* add swap file , /cache/swaps

・全部のデータが消えます。/mnt/sdcard のデータも消えます。(/mnt/sdcard1 は消えません)

・Launcher Proをいれました
・wpa_supplicant をad-hoc対応のものに変更したので、barnacleに接続できます
・ /system/etc/init.d/ においたファイルを起動時に実行するようにしました
・ 暇そうだった/cacheパーテーションにswapファイルを置いて、使えるようにしました


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  1. Hi,
    I tried this and it helps quite a bit if you are not of chinese origin. Now the Latin keyboard works fine. What is a little disturbing is the icons on the main screen which have no application associated to them Can one get rid of them?
    Is the source of the system available somewhere to be able to have a look into it?

  2. *About “no application associated”
    This case occurred this tablet is non phone device.

    Main screen application, “Launcher Pro” is made for phone device.
    Then, main screen associate to phone application .
    But ronzi A3 is non-phone device.
    These application don’t have.
    I want to customize this setting, but I could not find customize method for distribute.
    Please ignore.

    * source of system
    I don’t have.
    system.img and userdata.img are Linux filesystem data.
    # mount -o loop system.img /mnt
    # mount -o loop userdata.img /mnt2
    I delete and add some application at /mnt/app and /mnt2/app.

    ad-hoc wpa_supplicant is based on following url.

    I compiled wpa_supplicant from mips android original source code and patched.
    original souce code is following url.

    But, I don’t find any JZ4760 driver.

  3. Hi,
    To get rid of the icons which create the error in Launcher Pro, push the icon for a longer time. A menu comes up. Select “change shortcut”, then “blank”.
    The icon goes. You can also push an emply slot and insert a new icon/application.
    Thanks again for the ROM code. My ronzi a3 now does what I need!

  4. Hi,
    I tried this version over the weekend but it is simply too unstable and I had to come back to the previous system.
    Another question: I tried to install the LatinIME standard Android keyboard but cannot do so (invalid apk it says for any of the latin keyboards). Do you have any idea why this is so?

    1. you try following
      (1) adb push LatinIME.apk /mnt/sdcard/
      (2) adb shell
      (3) mount -o rw,remount / /system
      (4) cp /mnt/sdcard/LatinIME.apk /system/app
      (5) chmod 644 /system/app/LatinIME.apk
      (6) reboot

  5. Hi,
    Yes I tried and I can find the android keyboard in the settings. However, when I activate the keyboard it still takes the chinese one and I did not find any place, where I could change this.
    However, when I simply remove the chinese keyboard then everything works as I had hoped for.

    1. sorry. I forget two things.
      (1) this firmware is JIT enabled.
      (2) this firmware grow vm.heap size.
      I think these things became to unstable.

      please edit /system/build.prop


  6. WoW, that’s great.
    Did you make the new image files with re-compile?
    or There is some extarct tool from A3?
    I hope to make a backup to restore.
    May I know how to do?

  7. cfw頂きました。

    1. あー、やっぱcfwはハングアップ多発ですか・・・
      結構冒険している設定(jit on, swapを内蔵メモリに設置)になっているので


  8. CFWいただきました。ありがとうございました。




    1. あ、すみません。
      文字が大きくなる件は、/system/build.prop ファイルを編集することで小さくすることができます。



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