DELL PowerEdgeとHPE ProLiantでUbuntuを動かす場合の管理ソフト


DELL EMC OpenManage Ubuntu & Debian Repositories
srvadmin-all — Install all OMSA components
srvadmin-base * — Install only base OMSA, no web server
srvadmin-idrac * — Install components to manage iDRAC
srvadmin-idrac7 * — Install Racadm for iDRAC7
srvadmin-idracadm8 — Install Racadm for iDRAC8 and above
srvadmin-webserver * — Install Web Interface
srvadmin-storageservices * — Install RAID Management
syscfg* — Install SysCfg
raidcfg* — Install RaidCfg
dcism — Install iDRAC Service Module

DELL EMC System Update (DSU)
UbuntuではDELL PowerEdge 12G,13Gサーバのfirmwareアップデートのみサポート。

HPE Management Component Pack
hp-health HPE System Health Application and Command line Utilities (Gen9 and earlier)
hponcfg HPE RILOE II/iLO online configuration utility
amsd HPE Agentless Management Service (Gen10 only)
hp-ams HPE Agentless Management Service (Gen9 and earlier)
hp-snmp-agents Insight Management SNMP Agents for HPE ProLiant Systems (Gen9 and earlier)
hpsmh HPE System Management Homepage (Gen9 and earlier)
hp-smh-templates HPE System Management Homepage Templates (Gen9 and earlier)
ssacli HPE Command Line Smart Storage Administration Utility
ssaducli HPE Command Line Smart Storage Administration Diagnostics
ssa HPE Array Smart Storage Administration Service